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13 unspecified reasons to forget Bucket Lists

This time last year Several hours into my 6am shift, I was now 10 tons into my daily grind – lifting and stacking giant 25kg sacks of corn flower. As each sack slammed down into position, a little corn flower would explode into the shipping container air, slowly settling and mixing with the sweat on [...]

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What happened on Christmas Day of ’92?

Escape Rooms really do attract all types. After all, it’s just a bit of fun – a room full of hidden clues, puzzles and locks with a simple ticking clock. We’ve now had all manner of teams visit The Mystery Rooms to take on our challenges - friends, colleagues, birthday parties, even blind dates – [...]

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Why we brought a touch of The Crystal Maze to Melbourne!

Skill game? Physical? Mental? or …. Mystery? When it comes to immersive adventure games, there are two types of people in Melbourne - those that are already excited and those that are reading out of curiosity. We think we can identify which you are by uttering just a single word. “Mumsey’’ I have goose bumps [...]

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