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Things to do in Melbourne with kids

    I don’t have kids, but from what I’ve seen out there amongst my parent friends, I’m pretty sure it’s easier to row oceans than keep them occupied with things to do.  There are of course some parents out there who have rowed oceans as well, but I suspect it was having kids that [...]

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7 Top Melbourne Team Building Games in 2018

Organising your Team Building Event? Harder still, you've probably been asked to organise three theoretical ones just to have two of those ideas immediately thrown out! It's no simple task, so we thought we would pull some simple information on Team Building Games in Melbourne into one place to make that [...]

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Why are kids having more fun in escape rooms?

There's a wealth of talent that lies in all of us. All of us, including those who work in schools, must nurture creativity systematically and not kill it unwittingly – Sir Ken Robinson I’ve rewritten this sixteen times already and there appears no way to say this without cheeky connotations. It reads how it reads, [...]

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Marching in a onesie against “wrong”…

I’m not a particularly avid news reader, in fact I would probably go one step further and say I actively dislike most of today’s media – but that’s a deep and dark topic, and definitely one for another day. Whether it’s reading about travel, adventure or escape rooms, my weekly internet search for ‘escape’ does [...]

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