9 Reasons You Try To Avoid Team Building Days!

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9 Reasons You Try To Avoid Team Building Days!

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We are approaching Christmas once again, which means only one thing!

Yes, your boss wants to say  ”thank you” for the annual 240 days of hard work.

What better way could they show their true appreciation than to budget an activity for under $50 and somehow manage to spin that into one final extra hour of company team building?

We host hundreds of team building events every year and we know what’s going on – there’s a reason that a cunning 10% of staff for every event don’t show up on the day!

To those 10% – we are onto you!!

The 9 Most Likely Reasons!

1) You know you’ll never listen to the brief because it sounds a little bit like a meeting!

2) Your reputation at work is only maintained by the knowledge that people don’t ever get the chance to know you! 

3) You feel uncomfortable and confused in the presence of your colleagues, away from your desk and without a drink in your hand!

4) Your boss doesn’t know yet, but you completely stopped concentrating on tasks shortly after your induction!

5) You’d ideally prefer to e-mail the guy across the desk than speak to him!

6) You never admit you haven’t got a clue because you know that if you stall for long enough 80% of problems go away by themselves!

7) You show how hard you work by sending e-mails early morning/late at night, preferably from a beach/café/bar!

8) When things get too much, you’ve perfected the art of power napping on the toilet and waiting for it all to blow over!

9) You could be at the dentist, but by missing a team building event, you definitely feel that you are having a nicer time!

For The Boss!

For the 90% of your staff that will attend your team building day – we promise that our escape rooms are a great activity!

At The Mystery Rooms our goal is to keep everyone happy, challenged and entertained from start to finish.

Jump on our Team Building Page for more info or contact Tom below:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 0420 566 128.

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