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Liam Caponi is The Mystery Rooms greatest fictional mystery writer! Read his blogs for the latest board game reviews and a sneak peak into his multi-stage "who dunnit" series!

Mystery Review: Timeline

Deliberating when barbed wire was invented may not sound like the most thrilling game, but Timeline makes history fun again. It’s a card game with a minimal learning curve (literally a minute or two) that can last five minutes or an hour depending on how many rounds you want to get through. After exploring different time periods [...]

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Mystery Review: Escape Room (The Movie)

Director: Peter Dukes Run time: 86 min Just in time for Halloween, I’ve been checking out some recommended horror movies this week. On my list was a recent release that cashes in on the increasing mainstream interest in Escape rooms, the innovatively titled Escape Room. (Warning: Spoilers for the movie’s first half below.) After an [...]

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Mystery Review – Mystery Express

  Need more mystery? Time to travel in style - treat yourself! Unfortunately, your choice in boarding the Orient Express results in joining a murder investigation. So much for a relaxing trip, but anyone who’s heard of Agatha Christie could have told you that. Mystery Express is a Days of Wonder production and like all their [...]

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Mystery Review: The Adventurers: The Temple Of Chac

Travel into an ancient temple in search of fame and glory, but be careful of obstacles, traps, and being locked in forever! Sound familiar to a certain Egyptian tomb? For those of you who enjoy the will we/won't we make it out element of escape rooms, The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac has a similar [...]

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Mystery Review: Shadows Over Camelot

As an owner of many board games, choosing which one to review can be a challenge. Shadows Over Camelot makes sense, not just because it’s theme closely matches one of our rooms, but also because its co-operative divide-and-conquer nature is similar to how most escape rooms can be approached.  In Shadows Over Camelot you play as [...]

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