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Josh Hunt - formerly manager at The Mystery Rooms and now developing games for FunLab in venues across Melbourne!

Board games? More like BORED games! pt2

Continuing on from last weeks article; this week we will look at the Cooperative and Tabletop genre of board game. Cooperative For those new to board games the cooperative game may seem like a strange idea. In this style of game the players often have to work together to beat the game, this makes these [...]

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Board games? More like BORED games!

Board games, just the name conjures up images of Christmas day with the family. Ms Scarlett getting up to mischief in the kitchen, people hastily checking the dictionary to see if grandpa's MUZJIKS scoring 128 points is a real word (it is, Russian word for peasants and highest opening score move in Scrabble), and of [...]

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