Top 5 Fitzroy Cafes For Escape Room Preparation!

Looking for Fitzroy Cafes to feed the brain that much needed coffee?? It’s true – solving and creating puzzles is hard work and there was a lot of coffee being drunk at Fitzroy Cafes whilst building The Mystery Rooms! From long blacks, to almond milk flat whites to cold drip and batch brews, we [...]

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9 Reasons You Try To Avoid Team Building Days!

We are approaching Christmas once again, which means only one thing! Yes, your boss wants to say  ''thank you'' for the annual 240 days of hard work. What better way could they show their true appreciation than to budget an activity for under $50 and somehow manage to spin that into one final [...]

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9 Fun School Holiday Activities in Melbourne 2018!

Finding fun school holiday activities to do with the kids can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. To help you out, we have put together a list of our favourite school holiday activities come rain or shine, suitable for a range of budgets and tastes for your kids to enjoy this school break. [...]

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The WORST ‘Dad Joke’ CrossWord Puzzle … Ever!

How BAD is your Dad's sense of humour? For no other reason than we couldn't find one, we've decided to create the World's worst Dad Joke Crossword Puzzle - the perfect activity for your Dad this Christmas! Just right click the link or image below and save target/save image. Download Dad-Joke Crossword Puzzle [...]

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Why Escape Rooms Should be Your Next Movie Night!

For some, a movie night is sitting on the couch in sweatpants with a pizza; while for others the allure is leaving the house and heading for the big screen. Despite the different location of both evenings, the intrigue is often the same: the need for escapism. Your Favourite Movie-World Come to Life A [...]

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Maximise Your Escape Room Venue!

Heat-Mapping Your Potential Escape Room Venue (Or Current One!) Designing the perfect escape room venue is a balance of customer experience, operations practicality, and ultimately efficiency of space (rent costs) to maximise profit! A few years ago, I watched a documentary on the wasted space of traditional home living and how in modern houses, [...]

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Free Tips To Opening Your Own Escape Room Business

The Mystery Rooms Has Just Hosted Its 2000th Game!Admittedly it has taken 20 months, 10,000 players, 500 broken padlocks and I’ve put on 10kg to get here - but to acknowledge the milestone, I wanted to write an honest and open piece about what it has been like to operate as an independent escape room [...]

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Mystery Review: Timeline

Deliberating when barbed wire was invented may not sound like the most thrilling game, but Timeline makes history fun again. It’s a card game with a minimal learning curve (literally a minute or two) that can last five minutes or an hour depending on how many rounds you want to get through. After exploring different time periods [...]

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Mystery Review: Escape Room (The Movie)

Director: Peter Dukes Run time: 86 min Just in time for Halloween, I’ve been checking out some recommended horror movies this week. On my list was a recent release that cashes in on the increasing mainstream interest in Escape rooms, the innovatively titled Escape Room. (Warning: Spoilers for the movie’s first half below.) After an [...]

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Mystery Review – Mystery Express

  Need more mystery? Time to travel in style - treat yourself! Unfortunately, your choice in boarding the Orient Express results in joining a murder investigation. So much for a relaxing trip, but anyone who’s heard of Agatha Christie could have told you that. Mystery Express is a Days of Wonder production and like all their [...]

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Mystery Review: The Adventurers: The Temple Of Chac

Travel into an ancient temple in search of fame and glory, but be careful of obstacles, traps, and being locked in forever! Sound familiar to a certain Egyptian tomb? For those of you who enjoy the will we/won't we make it out element of escape rooms, The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac has a similar [...]

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Ned Kelly: The Last Stand

H.M.Pentridge Prison’s ‘C’ division, where Ned Kelly was held captive, was demolished back in the early 1970s but the prison continued to operate until 1997, housing Australia’s most notorious ‘bad guys’ and infamous criminals. Considering the paths that many individuals took to end up in the ‘College of Knowledge’, it should have been [...]

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Mystery Review: Shadows Over Camelot

As an owner of many board games, choosing which one to review can be a challenge. Shadows Over Camelot makes sense, not just because it’s theme closely matches one of our rooms, but also because its co-operative divide-and-conquer nature is similar to how most escape rooms can be approached.  In Shadows Over Camelot you play as [...]

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Board games? More like BORED games! pt2

Continuing on from last weeks article; this week we will look at the Cooperative and Tabletop genre of board game. Cooperative For those new to board games the cooperative game may seem like a strange idea. In this style of game the players often have to work together to beat the game, this makes these [...]

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Board games? More like BORED games!

Board games, just the name conjures up images of Christmas day with the family. Ms Scarlett getting up to mischief in the kitchen, people hastily checking the dictionary to see if grandpa's MUZJIKS scoring 128 points is a real word (it is, Russian word for peasants and highest opening score move in Scrabble), and of [...]

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7 Top Melbourne Team Building Games in 2018

Organising your Team Building Event? Harder still, you've probably been asked to organise three theoretical ones just to have two of those ideas immediately thrown out! It's no simple task, so we thought we would pull some simple information on Team Building Games in Melbourne into one place to make that [...]

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Why Are Kids Having More Fun In Escape Rooms?

There's a wealth of talent that lies in all of us. All of us, including those who work in schools, must nurture creativity systematically and not kill it unwittingly – Sir Ken Robinson I’ve rewritten this sixteen times already and there appears no way to say this without cheeky connotations. It reads how it reads, [...]

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Marching In A Onesie Against “Wrong”…

I’m not a particularly avid news reader, in fact I would probably go one step further and say I actively dislike most of today’s media – but that’s a deep and dark topic, and definitely one for another day. Whether it’s reading about travel, adventure or escape rooms, my weekly internet search for ‘escape’ does [...]

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13 Unspecified Reasons To Forget Bucket Lists

This Time Last Year Several hours into my 6am shift, I was now 10 tons into my daily grind – lifting and stacking giant 25kg sacks of corn flower. As each sack slammed down into position, a little corn flower would explode into the shipping container air, slowly settling and mixing with the sweat on [...]

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What Happened On Christmas Day Of ’92?

Escape Rooms really do attract all types. After all, it’s just a bit of fun – a room full of hidden clues, puzzles and locks with a simple ticking clock. We’ve now had all manner of teams visit The Mystery Rooms to take on our challenges - friends, colleagues, birthday parties, even blind dates – [...]

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5 People You MUST Find For Your Escape Room Team

On our travels, Jodie and I have now enjoyed the challenge and entertainment of playing escape rooms in several countries worldwide. Whether we succeed often doesn't matter, and in many cases we would rather narrowly fail, than escape with 30 minutes still on the clock. Generally speaking however it’s always nicer to succeed, so here we [...]

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