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Escape Room in Collingwood, Melbourne

Escape Rooms in Collingwood, Melbourne

Come visit our new Collingwood escape rooms, the perfect games for couples, friends or small family teams. You will have to solve puzzles and escape through more than one scenario in each game, including a real rooftop train carriage! These escape room games are slightly longer scenarios at 70 minutes each.

2-4 Players
from $48 pp

In 1912 a brilliant mechanical engineer, Anton Imaginov invented a gravity defying train that would travel at the speed of light. Governments around the world scrambled to construct their grand stations and The SkyTrain Network was born.

The grand launch date arrived, but in the pilot journey something went catastrophically wrong. The Light-Speed Universal Control Interface (L.U.C.I) failed and the SkyTrain tore through the very fabric of space time – disappearing from sight in a flash of light.

It was assumed that Anton and the crew were lost, but over a century on and an urgent message emerges from Anton’s great-great-grandson in Siberia. He’s made an alarming discovery and without your help the train now threatens to halt the rotation of the Earth.

Prepare yourselves for inter-dimensional travel – It’s time to board the SkyTrain!

Escape Room Games in Collingwood

70 Minutes

2-4 Players

4 Games

Galaxy Rebellion

Venture into outer space and take control of both your spaceship and your destiny…

70 minutes

2-4 players

10,000 points


School of Magic

Many say London is pure magic. It’s not hard to see why with this form of sorcery.

70 minutes

2-4 players

10,000 points


Dark Magic

Defeat the evil sorcerer by dismantling his mysterious source of power, before he enslaves the world

70 minutes

2-4 players

10,000 points


The Haunted Chamber

Escape the Haunted Chamber and save yourselves from the Devil that wreaks within it, before time runs out…

70 minutes

2-6 players

20,000 points


Contact and Location

Opening Hours

Wednesday9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday9:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Rear Laneway Entrance, 6/48 Easey Street
Melbourne 3066
Phone: 0420566128

SkyTrain FAQs!

What is an escape room game?2020-12-02T20:19:09+11:00

Our escape rooms are an immersive and interactive experience where guests are ‘locked’ (not really) in a room filled with puzzles, clues, and hidden items. There is just one goal in mind, to solve the challenge and escape!

Your team will enter a completely unfamiliar space and are racing against the clock to complete your mission and ‘escape’ the room. To be successful, you’ll need to find hidden clues, solve challenges and puzzles and discuss ideas constantly throughout the game. Our Melbourne escape room games are adventure games, so explore the space, open things, look underneath items and take a closer look at everything, twice!

You might find a string of numbers you need for a combination lock, a key for a padlock or an item that might trigger a little more magic. Everywhere you look is a potential clue to get out of an escape room or riddle waiting to be solved. Above all, work fast! The clock starts ticking the moment you enter the escape room!

If you would some more detail on how we create a games, check out our blog post!

What measures have been implemented in relation to COVID-19 prevention?2020-11-24T21:53:46+11:00
In consideration of your well-being, below is a list of measures The Mystery Rooms is currently taking:
  • During the pre-game briefing, groups will be adequately separated from each other to maintain social distancing guidelines.
  • We ask that you arrive no more than 15 minutes before the start time of your game and leave immediately after your game has finished to ensure that we can manage the number of customers onsite.
  • We’ve allowed additional time between games to minimise the number of customers in the venue at any one time and ensure that we have adequate time for cleaning.
  • Our team diligently clean all areas of our venues each day. All high traffic surfaces are regularly disinfected.
  • Hand sanitiser stations will be located around the venue and we ask that you sanitise your hands on arrival and before playing your escape room.
  • Our staff will be staying home to rest if they are feeling unwell.
  • Customers must wear masks in all spaces that engage with staff or other guests. Within the games you are in a private space and may remove your masks to play.

As always, any customer presenting with symptoms will be kindly asked not to play.

COVID-19: My Gift Voucher has expired!2020-11-24T21:48:14+11:00

ALL gift vouchers that have expired since March 2020 (and current ones) have been extended until 25 Dec 2021!

This will allow you to plan an outing without stress and enjoy our games! We look forward to welcoming you when we can.

You are fully booked! Where else can I play?2020-12-02T19:59:35+11:00

Most of our games (and other good escape rooms) sell out over a week in advance. If we are fully booked already – why not check out Man of Many’s Best Escape Rooms in Melbourne or visit one of our favorite local venues nearby: Rush Escape Games or Ukiyo!

How many players can I have? (Collingwood)2020-06-12T11:43:56+10:00

The Collingwood Escape Room – SkyTrain, has 4 games suitable for groups of 2-4 players.

The Haunted Chamber game is bigger than the other Collingwood games and we therefore permit up to 6 players to play in this game.

Personal space inside an escape room is an important contributor to the enjoyment of the games, and while we permit up to 6 players in The Haunted Chamber game, we recommend looking at our Fitzroy Escape Room if you want a game for a larger group of 4-10 players.

Where can I park? (Collingwood)2020-06-04T10:47:54+10:00

Parking in Collingwood is becoming more difficult the busier it gets.

Locally, in Easey Street, Budd Street and surrounding streets, there is free 2 hour parking but spaces are limited and often very busy. We recommend to either travel by public transport or to plan ahead and familiarise yourselves with where you plan to park.

During busy hours (weekends) it is recommended arriving an extra 5 minutes earlier to ensure you find a park as we are unable to delay subsequent guests. (Please see our terms and conditions page for more details)

To view a live map of free & paid parking availability in the area – click here

When are you open?2020-06-12T11:48:43+10:00

To view our opening hours please refer to the appropriate resource below:

Public Bookings (including birthday parties) – click here

Team Building (Business hours) – click here

School bookings – click here

Do I need experience to play?2020-06-12T11:53:00+10:00

If you are new to Escape Rooms we recommend taking on one of our Beginner or Intermediate games to get started.

Whilst our rooms might range in difficulty/complexity and size of challenge, there is no pre-requisite knowledge or experience required for any individual challenge other than The Grimm Finale. To be eligible to book The Grimm Finale game you must have collected your 3 Grimm Agent Badges.

For more information on badges, collecting points and membership levels please visit our Rewards Page.

What if we have more than the maximum players?2020-10-16T10:03:06+11:00

Our maximum player limits are what we recommend you should ever trying to play a game as a team.

On occasions (sometimes birthday parties or other special events) teams may request to bring 1 extra player along. Any more than 1 extra player and we will insist that you divide into separate teams and play simultaneous games.

What if we have fewer than the minimum players?2020-10-16T10:05:45+11:00

Minimum and Maximum player limits are provided based on what we believe to give the best team experience both in terms of physical space and individual player engagement.

The minimum price for the room must always be paid but if you want to play our games with fewer than the minimum players you may do so.

How do I make a booking?2020-10-16T09:56:41+11:00

a) All public bookings must be made online.

b) You can’t book by phone, e-mail, carrier pigeon or any deviation from instruction a)

How much does it cost?2020-10-16T10:08:28+11:00

Prices for public bookings depend on your group size. The ‘per player’ price becomes cheaper as your group size increases. Click through to view a specific breakdown of our Fitzroy and Collingwood game prices.



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