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What Happened On Christmas Day Of ’92?

Escape Rooms really do attract all types. After all, it’s just a bit of fun – a room full of hidden clues, puzzles and locks with a simple ticking clock.

We’ve now had all manner of teams visit The Mystery Rooms to take on our challenges – friends, colleagues, birthday parties, even blind dates – but I CATEGORICALLY promise you, that by far the most fun and entertaining for us puzzle-masters has been the Family team.

Fly On The Wall?

Our walls don’t JUST have ears and eyes of their own, the rooms even have live actors floating in and out of the story, and yet DESPITE this human presence, it literally appears impossible to place a family inside a puzzle room for 60 minutes and successfully contain the decades of simmering bloodline dynamics.

In our early observations, the first relationship to unravel is usually the Husband & Wife

Family escape room

How would your relationship stand up in an Escape Room?

Real Men Don’t Ask For Directions!

“WE don’t NEED to ask for a clue Zoe – we’re doing just fine.”

“But Roger we’ve tried that already ….” she attempts, as Roger aimlessly prods the locked box again with another locked box he’s found.

“Please, let’s just ask for a little clue so that we can carry on”.

“Zoe, sweetheart”, Roger puffs out his chest, “They’re not going to tell me anything I don’t know already”

“Except how to solve it” she mutters under her breath. “This is exactly what happened that Christmas’’

“I can’t BELIEVE you’re bringing that up again …. When are you going to let that go?”

Escape room clues

As A Last Resort, Read The Instructions

“Well what’s that?” asks Zoe, pointing to the note under Roger’s shoe.

“I found that on top of this box” says Roger

“And you just put it on the floor? – What does it say?”

“Don’t know, come on we’re running out of time, put it down and help me figure out what we need to do.”

“I’ve just read it and the note tells us what we need to do Roger …. “

“Well that’s just stupid isn’t it? How am I expected to know that ….. ? “

“You’re not are you Roger? You’re just expected to read it.”

escape room instructions

The Competitive Dad

Often in response to being outwitted by his female counterpart, the next entry is the Father & Son . You might recognise the syndrome commonly known as – “competitive Dad!”

“Dad … why don’t we put them in order of ……?”

“No, no, no – I don’t think so young Kevin, I’ve got this, you just watch your Dad solve this one!!”

“But Dad … I’m sure it’s…..

“KEVIN!! Just calm down and go and help your Mum”

Several minutes later, competitive Dad finally steps into the Medieval confession booth and asks the priest a question.

“I think there might be something missing from one of the puzzles ….”

“Listen VERY carefully” came the careful whispered response.

“OK “ He replied

“Your 8 year old son has already solved it – L-I-S-T-E-N to him”

“Oh, well…. He should have said something then”

“KEVIN?…. ”

Escape room competition

Everyone And The Doting Mum

Poor Mum.

She’s had a life time of multi-tasking in the greatest of all puzzle room challenges – her family home.

The doting Mum often avoids getting too involved in individual puzzles; instead she prefers to follow round after her flock of detectives and collecting items that have already been used.

“Now, what have we done with this one?” She’ll ask

“Have we used this yet??”

“MUM!!!! That’s the 100th time you’ve asked this. We’ve done that one”.

“Well I’m ONLY checking. There’s no harm in checking is there?”

“Now, what have we done with THIS one?””


escape room with families

So Are Escape Rooms Suitable For Families?

Despite the apparent flaws, most families do succeed in busting out of our zones in the nick of time!

After all, competitive Dad WILL be the first to crawl into dark spaces to retrieve clues, doting Mum WILL find a clue that has been overlooked, and Kevin – bless him, will be able to explain to his family afterwards that he could have escaped on his own in half the time.

So if your question is …

“will an Escape Room draw out the best qualities of my family”

– my response will be …

“did the Christmas of ’92?”

Why Not Put Your Family To The Ultimate Test?

Will an escape room unearth your family’s biggest scandals? Book a Mystery Room today – we’re looking forward to the fireworks!!

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