Escape The Room – A GRIMM Reality!

Fear not our precious Agents of Grimm! Here you will find everything you need to prepare your team to Escape The Room!

How to Play!


Suitable for adults, children, families and friends, form your team and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience.


The clock is ticking, you have 60 minutes to complete your mission and escape the room!


Explore your destination for hidden areas, items and clues that will guide you towards completing your mission.


Once you have collected your item escape to the bar before the time portal closes!

Common Questions
GRIMM Origins

Gideon Grimm – The Founder of Guardian Representatives in Mystery & Magic (GRIMM)

The largest case in GRIMM’s history now rests in your hands!

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Watch Carefully – Just For Fun!

Did you spot it?

Who is the WOLF imposter?


Where To Begin?

Word comes from Poppet (one of our FairyTale informers) that to defeat the wicked Snow Queen, GRIMM must first focus their energies on locating and retrieving 3 vital items from Earth. The mission is to collect a symbol of Knowledge, Strength and Courage and then undertake a final voyage across the FairyTale borderlands into the Snow Queen’s frozen kingdom.

To make things more challenging, we must also seize these items from an exact point in history where these items contained their optimal power.

At GRIMM HQ, there lays a top secret proto-type Time Travelling Device. It works, but only just so can only hold open a window for 60 minutes.

Teams must travel back within that time – or they’ll be trapped forever.

Poppet relaying a message to GRIMM

Poppet – one of GRIMM’s Fairy Tale Land most treasured informers. 

Chapter 1-3: Complete in ANY order!

Escape the room a lost tomb

Chapter One – The Lost Tomb

Head to ancient Egypt, uncovering Cleopatra’s lost tomb and acquiring Knowledge by unearthing the Book of the Dead.

escape the room a medieval quest

Chapter Two – The Medieval Quest

Embark upon a quest to Medieval England, storming Camelot and acquiring Strength by retrieving the Sword of Excalibur.

escape the room the last stand

Chapter Three – The Last Stand

Travel to 1880 – Glenrowan, moments before Ned Kelly’s Last Stand & locate the infamous symbol of Courage.

Chapter 4 – A Grimm Finale

How Can I Play?

Gideon Grimm trying to escape the room

1. Play Chapters 1-3 in any order to qualify.

2. Check your e-mails for your Booking Code and Link.

3. Form Your Team of 4-8 Players.

escape the room a grimm finale

Chapter Four – A GRIMM Finale

Inside an enchanted forest sits a Gingerbread House – a possible gateway to The Snow Queen’s frozen kingdom. There’s still time to turn back…

Escape Room