Why Are Kids Having More Fun In Escape Rooms?

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Why Are Kids Having More Fun In Escape Rooms?

There’s a wealth of talent that lies in all of us. All of us, including those who work in schools, must nurture creativity systematically and not kill it unwittingly – Sir Ken Robinson

I’ve rewritten this sixteen times already and there appears no way to say this without cheeky connotations. It reads how it reads, but the simple truth is that over the last decade, Jodie and I have tried lots of new things together – to the benefit of our perception, our attitudes and our overall happiness. In short, we try to have fun.

So when we returned from Europe after last year’s challenge, we felt that it was time for us to stop just enjoying experiences, but to start encouraging others to try something new.

We took one of our favourite new concepts – Escape Rooms, and challenged ourselves to design something that was much less gamey and more fun.

We didn’t want to send in detectives to our rooms to work out what had happened – we wanted to throw teams onto a film-set and shout action!

The Mystery Rooms were born.

A private bar for fun and games

A private bar for fun and games

Fun For Who?

As Jodie and I set about building our Mystery Rooms venue, we were repeatedly asked who the rooms were really intended for. Our attitude was perfectly clear. These rooms were built for grown- ups.

Grown-ups aren’t given enough opportunity to have fun or express themselves creatively. Kids already have enough entertainment.

Boy were we wrong??!!

We’ve had lots of adventurous adults through our doors, but have been shocked by the interest for family entertainment and young teenage birthdays. It turns out that we are ALL looking for more fun things to do.

To make matters worse, these 13 and 14 year old players are starting to show us up.

Ned Kelly fun in Melbourne

Ned Kelly Fun! A Melbourne tale awaits you.

Last Sunday we hosted a birthday party for some girls in Year 8. I underestimated them and held back some of the tougher warm up puzzles while they devoured my TimTams and drove the poor solitary father to despair.

Loaded with sugar, I released the young knights into our Medieval Zone, unanimously agreed to be one of the biggest escape room challenges in Melbourne. Without help, they broke the room record. No, they smashed the room record – held previously by a team with over 100 escape room experiences each!

While debriefing with me over ginger ale, they solved the hardest warm up puzzles I could throw at them and deciphered the discount code for subsequent bookings.

They had come to our Mystery Rooms with creativity, simplicity, energy and a desire to have fun.

Kids, leave us alone.

We built the Mystery Rooms for grown-ups.

The fun begins

Enter the Mystery Rooms

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