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Marching In A Onesie Against “Wrong”…

I’m not a particularly avid news reader, in fact I would probably go one step further and say I actively dislike most of today’s media – but that’s a deep and dark topic, and definitely one for another day.

Whether it’s reading about travel, adventure or escape rooms, my weekly internet search for ‘escape’ does continue however, and is one of the few reasons I’ll take some time out and open my eyes to something new.

This last month I learned 2 new terms, and it reminded me just how large our spectrum of humanity currently is.

Ultimate Escape

escape planet

Artist’s rendering of the planet Proxima orbiting the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri. (Image: ESO/M. Kornmesser

A few weeks ago, astronomers in Europe officially confirmed the presence of a newly discovered terrestrial planet, in universal terms, ‘bloody close’ to our Earth – it’s the equivalent of the next suburb on a map of the Universe.

Current telescope technology does not actually enable them to see the planet, instead they use a series of remarkable logics from the limited observations they can make, including monitoring the wavering axis tilt of a star in search for potential large planets in their orbit. That particular line of inquiry is called the Doppler Effect, and thanks largely to Sheldon Cooper – some of you will have heard of it already.

It seems fairly obvious that these astronomers are working at a level of intellect that is mostly lost on you and I – but whether we understand it or not, the majority of us would agree that they deserve funding to hide away and further advance our understanding of ‘Life, The Universe & Everything’.

In a few moments of reading, I had learned the meaning of the Doppler Effect and seen a potential stepping stone to the continued survival of the human race at the same time.

A nice story I thought, but not the sort that our society will pay much attention to, get behind and lobby for greater progress to be made. It’s too disconnected from our day to day lives – that’s the high end of the human spectrum and is not limited to star gazing. It’s seems to be medicine, energy, in fact pretty much everything related to make the world a nicer place and people, healthier.

Thank god we’re still really good at fighting each other. Globally, we spent $1,676,000,000,000 last year on military – it’s nice to know there’s definitely some cash around if we choose to spend it on world improvements.

The reality, probably a good thing given the capitalist world’s moral compass, is that we all relate easier to issues at the low end of the spectrum – because here, we don’t need complex science, we can use the most primitive of parameters to guide us.

Our compassionate instinct.

This introduces my second discovery.

No escape

Containing disturbing footage, I read an article and watched the short video piece that many of you have seen circulating the internet this week. Collectively, I’m sure we felt the same as we watched a small group of hill billy hunters shooting lions in unprovoked executions from the safety of their four wheel drive vehicles.

Needless, poorly executed kills, pursuing distressed animals in fear for their lives, with no chance of survival – these hunters are surely down there with the lowest form of human that mankind can produce.

For those of you who haven’t read about it – ‘Canned Hunting’ is the process whereby animals are bred in captivity for one sole purpose – to die for entertainment – and for the carcass to be sold on the international market wherever it’s still legal to trade.

no escape

image from ban canned hunting petition site (click image to sign and support)

Once the hunt is on, the animals are released into an artificial, large fenced environment to be shot at by wealthy, uneducated individuals with no morals. It is apparently highly profitable, and still legal.

As the hunters laughed and celebrated killing one lioness hiding in a hole, I realised that if we made scapegoats of these evil little faces, we really were missing the point. They are only the tip of the iceberg.

This Saturday, there is a Global March for Elephant, Rhino and Lion across 135 cities worldwide to help combat canned hunting amongst other issues. The Melbourne event will start at 11am at Alexandra Gardens, walking down South Bank to Red Stair Amphitheatre dressed in animal onesies.

Lion onesieI’ve never been involved in a protest or demonstration, come to think of it I’ve never owned a onesie, but this Saturday I’ve decided to close The Mystery Rooms for two hours so that myself and staff can attend. Our first session will be delayed until 3:15pm.

Truth be told, I will not just be marching for three African animal species or for abolishing canned hunting.

Nor will I be marching to change government or public opinion.

This Saturday, I simply want to meet a group of active, compassionate and morally-strong Melbournians to show them that I support their ideals of a better world.

This Saturday, I’m buying my first onesie and marching against wrong.

For more information please visit:

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