Why Escape Rooms Should be Your Next Movie Night!

For some, a movie night is sitting on the couch in sweatpants with a pizza; while for others the allure is leaving the house and heading for the big screen. Despite the different location of both evenings, the intrigue is often the same: the need for escapism.

Your Favourite Movie-World Come to Life

A good book or film is usually considered so because it is immersive. At times you may forget your own surroundings because the characters and worlds are so magnetic. You never know when the next plot twist is going to occur. Escape rooms take this quality to another level by placing you and your friends as the protagonists of a story. In a set of rooms designed to distance you from the contemporary world, you can be whoever you like. For sixty minutes you can enter this new realm and leave behind the ordinary

Central Characters (Your Ultimate Team)

In this new reality you will be challenged with physical and mental tasks that will test not just you, but also the strength of your team collectively. If you can work cooperatively, not only may you crack the case and break the room, but also find hidden intelligences among your group. Who might initially seem to be an underdog may turn out to be your very own Neville Longbottom.

What Obstacles May You Expect on Your Quest?

Many people have heard of escape rooms but have not yet completed one. Often, this is because the rooms have a stigma, that only people of the highest intellect can finish them. Whilst some rooms may be centred around people that have affinities for maths or science etc., a good escape room revolves more around common sense. If you can communicate well, organise, learn, and work as a team to problem solve, then you should be able to do most puzzles. You are also not alone in your quest. If you are ever really stuck there is a Games Master to aid you through the room, a Gandalf-type-figure, if you will. The ultimate aim is to have fun.

No matter your age or your education, if you have a team that can listen to each other, have a little patience, and be willing to be challenged, you will enjoy the experience.

So, take the chance to see how you would fare in your own movie; will you be a leader like James Bond or M, or the integral Moneypenny or Q? Instead of struggling on what movie to pick next, why not jump into your own?

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