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Chapter One – The Lost Tomb
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The Mission

Buried somewhere deep beneath the soils of Alexandria lays the lost tomb of Cleopatra – Ancient Egypt’s last Pharaoh.

Not only was her tomb locked and protected by layers of intricate puzzles – but with her was concealed the final copy of the “Book of the Dead” – Secret knowledge to passage safely from Earth into the next world.

You must journey back through the sands of time to navigate her lost tomb and escape with the book before the gateway closes.

To succeed, you must brave ancient curses, but if you fail – far worse is to come to us all.

Kick off your shoes and take your first steps to acquire Knowledge, there isn’t much time…


We must emphasize that this is an actual escape room in sand. With literally 6 tons of sand inside this tomb you will need to come dressed for the tomb-raiding occasion!

Wear light and comfortable clothing (we have changing rooms) and bare feet or thongs. This room requires a degree of mobility and without giving too much away might involve getting on your hands and knees. Any concerns, give us a call before booking and we’ll be happy to chat.

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4-6 players


60 minutes


$37.50 / player

(U14 free with family)


Cleopatra difficulty


Families, friends

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(*U14 play free only with family and providing there are still 4 paying adults/14+)