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Things To Do In Melbourne With Kids

If you’re looking for things to do in Melbourne then hopefully we can help.

I don’t have kids, but from what I’ve seen out there among my parent friends, I’m pretty sure it’s easier to row oceans than keep them occupied with things to do.

There are of course some parents out there who have rowed oceans as well, but I suspect it was having kids that drove them to consider three months stranded alone at sea as a well-deserved break.

So when one of my friends lamented, “There are not enough things to do in Melbourne with your kids”, I decided that my next challenge would be to help those weary souls we call parents.

Selfless right?

OK no … of course not. It just meant that I could get fat and design games for a couple of years.

Looking For Fun Things To Do In Melbourne For Your Kids Birthday Party?

The Mystery Rooms not only offers a great 60 minute challenge for your family, friends or team mates, but it’s also a cool place to celebrate a special occasion.

The lowest age we’d recommend as a team is 11 years old, but we often have younger players accompanying teams or families.

If you are considering The Mystery Rooms for your next Birthday Party Idea find out more here.

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