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The Ultimate Mini-Adventure

A few years back, Jodie and I chatted over an innocuous glass of wine on holiday. It was the first glass of wine that night, who knows what might have happened had it been the last.

The topic over this particular drink wasn’t anything new, just the repetitive theme that we had seen enough of the predictable lifestyle that we were following, working long hours behind a desk in London, in jobs that no passion had ever guided us towards.

One glass was all we needed. We decided to ditch it all and search for something more inspiring. Anything at all!

The suggestion on this occasion was to cycle to Australia where we’d start a new life. (Read this story through Amazon)

We decided ‘’Yes’’.

Then we decided to have another glass of wine.

escape room bicycle adventureescape room founder Tom Hudson jodie and tom feet

Adventure breeds Adventure

Since arriving in Melbourne a few years ago, our lives have been dedicated to adventure and the powerful learning opportunities of such experiences. We both found jobs helping Australian schools take meaningful overseas trips for their students, whilst still pursuing a bucket list of our own adventures. Last year Jodie trekked up into the Arctic Circle, while I took to the ocean and rowed across the North Atlantic.

Adventure in the arcticnorthern lights adventure

tom hudson mystery rooms foundertom hudson guiness world record

The Origins Of The Mystery Rooms

By chance, following an expedition last year, we stumbled across the concept of Escape Rooms in Eastern Europe and decided, as a small group of friends, to give it a go.

If I’m honest, I was more nervous than excited. I only volunteered the idea to the group as something different one night, and in truth we were all feeling the same – worried that we would look stupid, fail, feel worse about ourselves and our own incompetence! But it WAS something different and that was just exciting enough for us to try.

That’s pretty much how every adventure starts.

So that one night in Vilnius, for 60 minutes we got to forget who we were and enter a world where all those hours watching TV detective programs might finally pay off.

It didn’t, we were awful. But bloody hell it was fun.

In our next room a few nights later we did better, still failing, but by now only relishing the challenge, realising that these rooms were just playgrounds where adults are not only allowed, but actively encouraged to think differently.

We ended up playing a few more rooms on this trip.

our first escape room saw escape room latviaEscape room break free lithuania

Each time the natural conclusion, like every good TV detective, was to head straight to the nearest pub. Without even realising, we were thinking about it, talking about it, discussing it and reviewing it. Then reviewing ourselves!

“We aren’t puzzle people!”

“Why are we still talking about it????”

“Why was that so much fun????”

Over THAT glass of wine, we decided to bring our own vision of this to Melbourne.

That was another simple decision for us.

We would not just build escape rooms, we would build 60 minute mini-adventures.

Immersive, unique and convincing.

There would be smoke, sand, icy winds, castles, magic, science and real life characters.

The wine is long gone, but the adventures are now here.

The Mystery Rooms in Fitzroy is waiting for your next team night out, birthday party or catch up with friends and family.

It’s a great mini-adventure for all.

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