5 Star Escape Rooms!

Built for grown ups, but suitable for kids! The Mystery Rooms offers the most immersive escape room experiences in Melbourne.

Our Tomb Raider Zone is the perfect setting for families, newbies to escape rooms or younger player birthdays.

$37.50 per player, Tomb Raider limit 4-6 players.


The Zones

Tomb Raider Zone

Have you heard about anyone playing a mystery room filled with sand?

This is our most popular rooms for families and new players to escape rooms. Even with experience the tomb is still a greater team challenge than many rooms around Melbourne – not to be taken lightly!

Difficulty rating 4/5

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Medieval Zone

Arguably now Australia’s largest and most fun mystery room.

Without blowing our own Medieval bugles, this zone has taken escape rooms to another level. So big, we are allowing teams of 8 to try and work their way through Camelot in what we class as the ultimate escape room in Australia.
Suitable for new comers, birthday parties and experienced teams alike but especially larger groups!

Difficulty rating 4/5

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Outlaw Zone

This is one of Melbourne’s most creative and convincing escape room sets. You must form your own gang and follow in the footsteps of Ned Kelly, Australia’s most notorious outlaw.

This is a great escape room for those teams who like a challenge. There is no shortage of puzzles in this convincing multi-area zone and you should be prepared to divide and conquer in order to succeed!

Difficulty rating 5/5

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Suitable for…

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Grab your friends and enjoy a unique and highly entertaining night out. Located in the very heart of Fitzroy, and with a free drink included in your experience, The Mystery Rooms is the perfect inclusion to your next catch up!

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If you are looking for things to do in Melbourne for families, our venue is the perfect choice. Our escape rooms do not contain adult material or horror. The rooms are highly interactive, fun and safe for all ages. Under 14s can play for free as part of a family group provided there are at least 4 paying players.

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Team Building

With prices starting from just $37.50 per player, The Mystery Rooms is a no-brain-required solution to your next team bonding outing. We love hosting larger groups and can comfortably cater for teams or groups from 12-60 players.

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Escape room birthday


The Mystery Rooms has now been an entertaining solution for birthday parties ranging from 13 to 60! Enjoy our generous facilities to celebrate before or after your Mystery Room experience. For teams under the age of 14 a supervising adult is invited to play for free.

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How to Play

4-8 Players

Look, listen, smell and touch (sometimes even taste!). Use all your senses, think outside the box and work as a team to uncover the trail of puzzles and solve the mystery.

60 minutes

The mystery room game starts the moment you step into the zone. The clock is ticking, you will have 60 minutes to solve the mystery and escape the room with your team. Good luck!


There is a little detective hidden in all of us. Enter the mystery room, explore for hidden areas, investigate items and discover clues that will lead you towards solving the mystery. Then escape from the room!


We have tried to answer all of the common questions. Can I play with 2 players? Is there an age limit? Do I have to book at least 3 hours prior to play? Click here

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Where to Find us

303 Napier Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, 3065

+61 3 8529 9042 or text 0420 566128


Opening hours:
Mon-Tues: CLOSED except for corporate team building

Wed-Fri: 5pm-10pm

Sat-Sun: 10am-10pm

Bookings must be made online & minimum 3 hours prior to play

303 Napier St, Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC 3065