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The Mystery Rooms now operates two Escape Room venues. We have our main venue in Fitzroy and a new venue in Grovedale, Geelong with more games coming on the horizon! These are exciting times and there was no better way to celebrate your participation than to open up with our own Escape Room Membership & Rewards Points.

Collecting points is easy and there are many ways to accelerate your Membership Level promotion – simply by having fun.

You’ll get points for playing our current selection of escape room games (10 in total), for solving our online puzzles (coming soon) and even more for sharing them with your friends!

We’re even rewarding the organisers of group games, because let’s face it – it’s never easy balancing other people’s calendars!

Membership Levels Explained

There are many ways to join The Mystery Rooms Rewards – simply register online, purchase a game online, or register on arrival. You won’t earn points until you have registered and we can’t backdate points for activities completed when not logged in.

With our welcome bonus of 1,000 points all new users gain immediate promotion to the status of ‘White Rabbit’ . As you engage in more activities with The Mystery Rooms, you will earn reward points and when you reach enough you will be automatically promoted to a higher level. Points are valid for 2 years from activity date – check out the many that you can earn points.

Each level promotion comes with a Coupon Code (valid for one year) and unlocks more and more free puzzle content online (coming soon!)

Membership Levels

White Rabbit
1,000 Points
White Rabbit Level
Agent Status: White Rabbit
Be known as [White Rabbit]
Red Fox
10,000 Points
Red Fox Level
Agent Status: Red Fox
Be known as [Red Fox]
Coupon Code ($5)
$5 (to spend online)
Silver Wolf
25,000 Points
Silver Wolf Level
Agent Status: Silver Wolf
Be known as [Silver Wolf]
Coupon Code ($10)
$10 (to spend online)
Golden Eagle
50,000 Points
Golden Eagle Level
Agent Status: Golden Eagle
Be known as [Golden Eagle]
Coupon Code ($15)
$15 (to spend online)
Black Panther
100,000 Points
Black Panther Level
Agent Status: Black Panther
Be known as [Black Panther]
Coupon Code ($20)
$20 (to spend online)
[Secret Agent]
150,000 Points
Agent Status: Secret Agent
Be known as [Secret Agent]
Coupon Code ($25)
$25 (to spend online)

Earning Reward Points

You’ll receive a larger Coupon with every Member Level promotion. Start collecting your points today!

Reward Points Table
Start earning points today!
Action to perform
Points earned
Birthday Present (Bonus Points each year)
Earn on all Online Bookings
25 Points / $1.00
Welcome Bonus
Share Any Puzzle or Post/Page
The Lost Tomb (Escape Room)
The Medieval Quest (Escape Room)
Galaxy Rebellion (Escape Room)
Magic School (Escape Room)
Dragon Magic (Escape Room)
The Last Stand (Escape Room)
The Haunted House (Escape Room)
Puddington’s ToyShop
Jurassic Island
Missing points and badges?2022-06-02T17:56:44+10:00

In May 2020 we introduced our Escape Room Reward scheme and e-mailed all previous customers with an invitation to activate their login and account.

In doing so, we tried our very best to parse through 4 years of game activity from paper waivers (the early days) to online registrations in several systems.

We know the results aren’t perfect, so if you have already played a game with us, but those points and badges are not reflected in your account, please e-mail [email protected] and we will fix this for you!

Each account must be linked to a single e-mail address so if you have played and registered under multiple e-mail addresses then of course we can transfer this over for you too.



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