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Escape Room in Glen Innes – Coming Soon!

Our Glen Innes Escape Rooms are the perfect outing for larger teams, family fun and team building events. At our new Glen Innes venue we are confident we have delivered our best escape game yet!

from $36 pp

Welcome to The Mystery Rooms, your ultimate destination for an immersive escape room Glen Innes experience. Step into a world of mystery and excitement as you and your team embark on thrilling adventures filled with puzzles, clues, and challenges.

Located in the heart of Glen Innes, NSW, our venue offers an unforgettable experience where you can test your skills and unravel mysteries together. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or new to the escape room scene, our games are designed to engage players of all levels.

Gather your friends, family, or colleagues and prepare to unlock secrets, solve puzzles, and uncover hidden treasures. With intricately designed rooms and interactive gameplay, each escape room game promises an adrenaline-pumping experience like no other.

Our family-friendly atmosphere ensures that everyone can join in on the fun, making it the perfect activity for all ages. Get ready to immerse yourself in the excitement of escape room Glen Innes and embark on an unforgettable adventure at The Mystery Rooms.

escape room Geelong magic themed game

60 Minutes

60 Minutes

4-10 Players

2-4 Players

2 Games

1 Game

Glen Innes Escape Room Availability | Live!

Puddington’s Toy Shop

Follow in the footsteps of the Puddingtons and find out what is really going on at 22 Mystery Lane!

60 minutes

4-10 players

30,000 points

Jurassic Island

On an remote island there was a plan to create the ultimate dinosaur experience only things took a turn for the worse!

60 minutes

4-10 players

20,000 points

Dragon Magic: CUBE

Defeat the dragon sorcerer by dismantling his mysterious source of power, before he enslaves the world!

45 minutes

2-4 players

5,000 points

School of Magic: CUBE

Enter the School of Magic office and unlock your way through the layers of spells and protection guarding its secrets!

45 minutes

2-4 players

10,000 points

Galaxy Rebellion: CUBE

Venture into outer space and take control of both your spaceship and your destiny…

45 minutes

2-4 players

10,000 points

Escape Room Glen Innes Questions

Have a Family Ticket Gift Voucher?2022-09-29T18:27:37+10:00

Unfortunately we no longer offer Family Tickets, however if you have a Family Ticket Gift Voucher from prior to the change we will of course honour this! If so send an email to [email protected] with your family ticket gift voucher to get it converted ready to activate a regular game price online!

Who can I bring under existing Legacy Family Ticket Bookings?2024-04-11T16:06:58+10:00

Previously, we generously offered a family ticket option allowing up to 4 adults (18+ and either parents or older siblings) and 4 children (17- and younger siblings) living within a single residence and legally considered an immediate family. We did this to acknowledge the pressures on genuine families finding regular activities to do with their children. We ran these sessions at cost and were proud that we were doing everything we could to make our games accessible.

As of June 2022, with the increasing debts mounting from the ongoing COVID situation we have had to discontinue family tickets.

Anyone with existing family ticket gift vouchers or bookings will of course be honoured, provided that they adhere to the previously published family ticket conditions below:

This ticket can not be used for birthday parties or where multiple families/households are looking to play games together. It really is that simple.

Examples of acceptable use of ticket include:

Mum, Dad, 19 year old son, 15 year old daughter, 12 year old daughter. (3 adults + 2 children)

Mum, 14 year old son, 13 year old son, 10 year old daughter (1 adult + 3 children)

Example of non-acceptable use of tickets include:

Mum, Dad, 19 year old son, 15 year old daughter, 12 year old daughter + 2 children friends. (3 adults + 4 children)
Reason: because all players are not from one immediate family.

Mum, 14 year old son, 12 year old son, 10 year old daughter + 1 child friend (1 adult + 4 children)
Reason: because all players are not from one immediate family.

What are CUBE Escape Rooms?2024-04-11T14:58:10+10:00

CUBE Escape Rooms are high-tech escape room games designed for very small teams of 2-4 players. Our CUBE games are located in Grovedale (Geelong) and are 45 minutes in duration.

We often get asked to squeeze and extra player into our games, in addition to the recommended limits, however we strongly discourage  you from doing this with our CUBE games. If you have 5 players, you are much better served to take on a full size room, unless you are perhaps a single adult with 3 smaller children.

Which games are best for a children’s birthday?2024-04-11T15:02:06+10:00

Although we accept younger players as part of family groups, generally our younger groups start at age 10. The skills needed to complete our games are not always the type that make it easier for older players. Often younger teams will think more creatively about paths to a solution, will not over complicate and are much faster and more comfortable in communicating their ideas – even if they sometimes need a bit of guidance!

At our Fitzroy location, the best games for larger groups are The Medieval Quest and The Lost Tomb. If you have a smaller team (2-6 players) we would steer you to School of Magic. If you need a larger group at this location you will need to book 2 separate games that run at the same time.

At our Geelong location, the best games for larger groups are Jurassic Island and Puddington’s Toyshop. If you have a smaller team (2-4 players) we would steer you to the School of Magic CUBE and Dragon Magic CUBE. If you need a larger group at this location you will need to book 2 separate games that run at the same time.

Can I add or remove players on the day?2024-04-11T15:35:49+10:00

Provided your group still falls inside the recommended player limits (both minimum and maximum) then you can adjust your player numbers on arrival. You do not need to e-mail us, nor call, nor commit in advance.

This applies to all recreational groups and birthday parties.

On arrival, your group price will be adjusted so you will either receive a refund direct to your credit card (automatically) or you will be required to settle the balance on arrival. Please note that we do not accept cash, nor American Express (or Diners Club Cards).

What is a supervising adult? What is the cost?2021-07-15T15:36:47+10:00

If the group of players are younger players (i.e. aged 12 years old or younger) – this group requires a supervising adult. This applies to groups of friends, birthday parties and any other child group activity.

For these groups, teams are permitted to include 2 supervising adults free of charge, and while you should consider these players when looking at the maximum group size per room, please do not pay for 1 or 2 adult supervising players in the cost.

i.e. 6 children + 2 adults would be suitable for an 8 player game but you should pay for 6 players.

It should observed that under no circumstances is a family group the same as a group of minors, and a family ticket has it’s own costs.  Please see Family Ticket Price.

What is the minimum age to play?2024-04-11T15:03:02+10:00

There are no lower player age limits for children accompanied by an adult in any capacity. For teams where all players are aged 13 years old and over, we do not require an adult to play, provided a responsible adult remains onsite.

For groups of children that require a supervising adult, please note that we include up to 2 free supervising adult players per team (but to be considered within game limits). Please visit supervising adult to find out more.

Please do not include players aged 4 years and younger in your party numbers, and be aware that the games (while not scary) will be too advanced for them to truly participate.

What is an escape room game?2022-10-11T08:48:45+11:00

Our escape rooms are an immersive and interactive experience where guests are ‘locked’ (not really) in a room filled with puzzles, clues, and hidden items. There is just one goal in mind, to solve the challenge and escape!

Your team will enter a completely unfamiliar space and are racing against the clock to complete your mission and ‘escape’ the room. To be successful, you’ll need to find hidden clues, solve challenges and puzzles and discuss ideas constantly throughout the game. Our Melbourne escape room games are adventure games, so explore the space, open things, look underneath items and take a closer look at everything, twice!

You might find a string of numbers you need for a combination lock, a key for a padlock or an item that might trigger a little more magic. Everywhere you look is a potential clue to get out of an escape room or riddle waiting to be solved. Above all, work fast! The clock starts ticking the moment you enter the escape room!

If you would like some more detail on how we create a games, check out our blog post!

Missing points and badges?2022-06-02T17:56:44+10:00

In May 2020 we introduced our Escape Room Reward scheme and e-mailed all previous customers with an invitation to activate their login and account.

In doing so, we tried our very best to parse through 4 years of game activity from paper waivers (the early days) to online registrations in several systems.

We know the results aren’t perfect, so if you have already played a game with us, but those points and badges are not reflected in your account, please e-mail [email protected] and we will fix this for you!

Each account must be linked to a single e-mail address so if you have played and registered under multiple e-mail addresses then of course we can transfer this over for you too.

You are fully booked! Where else can I play?2020-12-02T19:59:35+11:00

Most of our games (and other good escape rooms) sell out over a week in advance. If we are fully booked already – why not check out Man of Many’s Best Escape Rooms in Melbourne or visit one of our favorite local venues nearby: Rush Escape Games or Ukiyo!

How many players can I have? (Fitzroy)2024-03-29T15:31:15+11:00

The Fitzroy Escape Room has four games recommended for groups of 4-10 players, and one game for groups of 2-6 players.

We get asked a lot if groups can expand to 11 players and so while we permit this, we still recommend being aware that things will get busy.

Personal space inside an escape room is an important contributor to the enjoyment of the games and therefore we list the games sizes in order of floor space below:

If you only have 2 or 3 players we recommend booking the School of Magic game, although you are welcome to pay the 4 person minimum charge and play the larger games if you’re desperately keen to keep to a smaller team!

Where can I park? (Fitzroy)2024-04-11T16:11:21+10:00

Parking in Fitzroy is becoming more difficult the busier it gets – especially at weekends.

Locally, in Napier Street, George St, Greeves St and surrounding streets, there is free 2 hour parking but spaces are limited and often very busy. We recommend to either travel by public transport or to plan ahead and familiarise yourselves with where you plan to park.

During busy hours (weekends) it is recommended arriving an extra 5 minutes earlier to ensure you find a park as we are unable to delay subsequent guests. (Please see our terms and conditions page for more details)

View a live map of free & paid parking availability in the area.

When are you open?2024-04-11T16:08:47+10:00

To view our opening hours please refer to the appropriate resource below:

Melbourne Escape Room or Geelong Escape Room

Team Building (Business hours)

School Bookings

Are the games suitable for kids?2024-03-29T10:31:36+11:00

Our games are designed for players with a sense of humour and a desire to enjoy themselves. We accept groups of children aged 10 and over though we require one adult to play if any player is under the age of 14 years old.

If your looking to arrange a Birthday Party group booking – please refer to our Birthday Party Page for more information.

We don’t accept groups of children younger than 10 years of age, but children under 10 can still enjoy the games as part of a family group.

Our games are adjustable based on skill level, age & experience and our games masters will ensure that they offer assistance (if needed/requested) to help you to complete the games within the allotted time frame.

Do I need experience to play?2024-03-29T09:41:19+11:00

If you are new to Escape Rooms we recommend taking on one of our Beginner or Intermediate games to get started.

Whilst our rooms might range in difficulty/complexity and size of challenge, there is no pre-requisite knowledge or experience required for any individual challenge.

We permit ‘players’ of age 10 and over and allow families to bring younger children also. We advise parental discretion when considering The Haunted House for your child. Many children enjoy the horror theme though some may find the game frightening.

For more information on badges, collecting points and membership levels please visit our Rewards Page.

What if we have more than the maximum players?2024-03-29T14:47:02+11:00

Our maximum player limits represent a realistic capacity for that game and space.

On occasions (sometimes birthday parties or other special events) teams may request to bring 1 extra player along. This does NOT need to be requested to us prior, and you are permitted to bring one extra player above max player limits.

While there will be NO additional charge for this one player, we ask you to recognise that you are compromising the physical space available to each customer and affecting the puzzle to player ratios.

Any more than 1 extra player and we will insist that you divide into separate teams and play simultaneous games. You will have had to book this simultaneous game in advance, and can not assume a spare game/room is available to you on arrival.

We do NOT permit more than 4 players inside Geelong CUBE games due to size restrictions.

Please note that the cost of 2 x 5 player games ($250 x 2 = $500) is more than 1 x 10 player game ($400).

What if we have fewer than the minimum players?2020-10-16T10:05:45+11:00

Minimum and Maximum player limits are provided based on what we believe to give the best team experience both in terms of physical space and individual player engagement.

The minimum price for the room must always be paid but if you want to play our games with fewer than the minimum players you may do so.

How do I make a booking?2021-02-07T08:12:49+11:00

a) All public bookings must be made online via our live bookings calendar.

b) You can’t book by phone, e-mail, carrier pigeon or any deviation from instruction a)

How much does each Escape Room cost?2024-04-11T14:57:39+10:00

Prices for public bookings depend on your group size. The ‘per player’ price becomes cheaper as your group size increases. Booking prices will also begin lower on our CUBE Escape Rooms that are located at our Geelong Venue. Click through to view a specific breakdown of our Fitzroy and Geelong game prices.


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