Accepting & Understanding the Terms and Conditions

When booking a specific game at The Mystery Rooms you are ticking the box to say that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.

When booking a specific game at the The Mystery Rooms you accept that you are hiring that venue space for a specific period of time and preventing other customers from booking it. Once bookings are made, The Mystery Rooms will hire staff for those event times. We must rent the space, pay these staff, and in addition now repay almost two years of rent/council rates/insurances/staff costs owed to landlords and government for the period that we were prohibited from trading due to COVID-19.

We can not remain a liquid business and run games at a loss.

As such, we are not able to waive terms and conditions under any circumstances therefore please do not ask us to do so.

Refusal of refunds can cause some customers to become offended. Before becoming offended by our terms and conditions we ask you to understand the same circumstances in other businesses.

Would you buy an AFL ticket and try calling them an hour before a game and expect them to refund your ticket or offer you a ticket for another day?
Would you miss a flight and then ask the airline for a refund because you didn’t travel? Would you expect them to operate an empty seat and then provide you another seat on another day?

Remember, you are not buying an item or product from us, you are booking an interactive experience that we have hired the space, built the set and staffed ready for you! The experience will run whether you are there or not. 

Adjusting Player Numbers After Booking

It is fine to adjust player numbers on arrival providing the below conditions are met

  1. Each game/game booked is treated as an independent booking.
  2. Minimum cost per game/room (minimum players) is covered if player numbers drop beneath minimum player numbers level.
  3. Maximum player numbers per game/room are observed.

For example:

If you have 1 booking for 2 x games (4 players in each game) and arrive with 6 players, you must still cover the minimum cost of 4 players in each game – even if you decide to play a single game with all 6 players.

If you have paid for 5 players and arrive with 4 players – we will simply refund the difference between 5 players ($250) – 4 players ($208) = $42

If you have paid for 4 players and wish to add 4 players – you will be charged the difference between 8 players ($352) and 4 players ($208) = $144, you can pay on arrival by credit card (VISA/MASTERCARD, we do NOT accept AMEX or DINERS CARD).

If you wish to bring 1 extra player ABOVE max player limits – please read this FAQ

Amendment/Cancellation Requests

All cancellation requests must be submitted by e-mail to with reference to the Order ID and Appointment ID for the game in concern. The easiest way is simply to ‘reply‘ to the order confirmation e-mail that you received when booking.

No amendment or cancellation requests will be accepted by phone, voicemail or social media messaging. We require a request from the registered e-mail address used when booking.

If you entered the wrong e-mail address or mistyped your e-mail address when booking, you can also e-mail giving full details of the booking to prove that this was you.

No compensation for COVID-19 is provided to small businesses from Government, and debts owed due to the long closure are now owed meaning our daily operation costs are now substantially higher. As such we treat COVID-19 issues the same as all other issues preventing customers from attending their scheduled events.

Last Minute Amendment/Cancellation Requests (less than 48 hours notice)
  • Amendment/Cancellation requests made less than 48 hours before the ticketed game time will forfeit the minimum cost of the game for the respective room:
    2-4 or 2-6 Player Games 4-10 Player Games
    2 Player Ticket: $112 4 Player Ticket: $208

  • Amendment/Cancellation requests made less than 48 hours of the event can receive a gift voucher credit for any amount paid surplus to the minimum room rates. (e.g. $208 4 Player Ticket for a (Min) 4 Player Room would receive no Gift Voucher, $208-$208 = $0, but a 4 Player Ticket for a (Min) 2 Player Room would receive a Gift Voucher for $208-$112 = $96.
  • Booking Fees are always non-refundable.
  • No shows or players that don’t submit a cancellation request by e-mail to prior to the game start time will receive no refunds.
+48 hours Amendment/Cancellation Requests:
  • Cancellation requests made more than 48 hours before the event can receive a refund less booking and payment processing fee (displayed on the order confirmation.)
  • Players may instead request gift voucher credit for the entire amount, thus avoiding transaction and bank fees if they wish to re-book using that code for a later date.
  • Players may also request a direct session/day/game switch provided that they check availability first. If available staff can transfer the booking with no charges.

Refusal of Entry – Payment Forfeited

The Mystery Rooms reserves the right to prohibit access to players if any or all of the below conditions occur:

  • Players arriving intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. If you are above the legal limit to drive a vehicle then you are too intoxicated to play an escape room responsibly.
  • Players arriving after their session start time. Players are reminded to arrive onsite 15 minutes prior to their start time for registration and briefing.

Refund Policy

It is the customer obligation to check for your order and appointment confirmation e-mail and to contact us immediately with any errors on your part, or e-mails not received.

Provided the event time is greater than 48 hours in advance we will amend or refund with no additional charges. Bank fees & booking fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

Late Players

  • Players are asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to your game start time to be briefed and ensure that you you start your game on time, and in a safe manner. If you are late for your session your session duration may be reduced to maintain our booking schedule and processes.
  • For corporate group bookings where a 50% deposit or full payment has been made the below conditions apply:

Corporate Groups

  • Deposits will be forfeited where fewer than 10 business days notice is provided. Any remaining balance will be returned.
  • Cancellations in advance of 10 business days will have deposits returned, less a administrative cancellation fee of $100 per group.

Impaired Mobility Players

We have catered for players with impaired mobility, including wheelchairs HOWEVER we are NOT a wheelchair friendly venue.

We do not have wheelchair friendly bathroom facilities and we make alternate arrangements for players to enter and leave the building. Some games and puzzles are inaccessibly to players with significant impaired mobility.

Please contact us in advance with any questions – we are always happy to discuss and we always extend invitations to organisers to come and receive a complimentary tour of the premises to decide if our venue is suitable for your group.

Booking Details

Website bookings made will be reflected on your financial statements as transactions from The Mystery Rooms Pty Ltd (ABN 51 834 532 012).