Our maximum player limits represent a realistic capacity for that game and space.

On occasions (sometimes birthday parties or other special events) teams may request to bring 1 extra player along. This does NOT need to be requested to us prior, and you are permitted to bring one extra player above max player limits.

While there will be NO additional charge for this one player, we ask you to recognise that you are compromising the physical space available to each customer and affecting the puzzle to player ratios.

Any more than 1 extra player and we will insist that you divide into separate teams and play simultaneous games. You will have had to book this simultaneous game in advance, and can not assume a spare game/room is available to you on arrival.

We do NOT permit more than 4 players inside Geelong CUBE games due to size restrictions.

Please note that the cost of 2 x 5 player games ($250 x 2 = $500) is more than 1 x 10 player game ($400).