Things to do in Melbourne with kids

    I don’t have kids, but from what I’ve seen out there amongst my parent friends, I’m pretty sure it’s easier to row oceans than keep them occupied with things to do.  There are of course some parents out there who have rowed oceans as well, but I suspect it was having kids that [...]

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Live Games Live – Outside the Cloud

I have written previously about how live games are becoming more and more popular as people try and escape the screen and venture into the real world. Over the last 2 months a group of people have been tasked with protecting Melbourne from the uprising of Unity. This is not a secret police force or [...]

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Mystery Review: Shadows Over Camelot

As an owner of many board games, choosing which one to review can be a challenge. Shadows Over Camelot makes sense, not just because it’s theme closely matches one of our rooms, but also because its co-operative divide-and-conquer nature is similar to how most escape rooms can be approached.  In Shadows Over Camelot you play as [...]

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Board games? More like BORED games! pt2

Continuing on from last weeks article; this week we will look at the Cooperative and Tabletop genre of board game. Cooperative For those new to board games the cooperative game may seem like a strange idea. In this style of game the players often have to work together to beat the game, this makes these [...]

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