The WORST ‘Dad Joke’ CrossWord Puzzle … Ever!

The WORST 'Dad Joke' CrossWord Puzzle ... Ever! How BAD is your Dad's sense of humour? For no other reason than we couldn't find one, we've decided to create the World's worst Dad Joke Crossword Puzzle - the perfect activity for your Dad this Christmas! Just right click the link or image below [...]

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Why Escape Rooms Should be Your Next Movie Night!

Why Escape Rooms Should be Your Next Movie Night For some, a movie night is sitting on the couch in sweatpants with a pizza; while for others the allure is leaving the house and heading for the big screen. Despite the different location of both evenings, the intrigue is often the same: the need [...]

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Free Tips To Opening Your Own Escape Room Business

The Mystery Rooms has just hosted its 2000th game! Admittedly it has taken 20 months, 10,000 players, 500 broken padlocks and I’ve put on 10kg to get here - but to acknowledge the milestone, I wanted to write an honest and open piece about what it has been like to operate as an independent escape [...]

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Mystery Review: The Adventurers: The Temple Of Chac

Travel into an ancient temple in search of fame and glory, but be careful of obstacles, traps, and being locked in forever! Sound familiar to a certain Egyptian tomb? For those of you who enjoy the will we/won't we make it out element of escape rooms, The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac has a similar [...]

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