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Mystery Review: The Adventurers: The Temple Of Chac

Travel into an ancient temple in search of fame and glory, but be careful of obstacles, traps, and being locked in forever! Sound familiar to a certain Egyptian tomb? For those of you who enjoy the will we/won't we make it out element of escape rooms, The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac has a similar [...]

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Ned Kelly: The Last Stand

Ned Kelly: The Last Stand H.M.Pentridge Prison’s ‘C’ division, where Ned Kelly was held captive, was demolished back in the early 1970s but the prison continued to operate until 1997, housing Australia’s most notorious ‘bad guys’ and infamous criminals. Considering the paths that many individuals took to end up in the [...]

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Things to do in Melbourne with kids

    I don’t have kids, but from what I’ve seen out there amongst my parent friends, I’m pretty sure it’s easier to row oceans than keep them occupied with things to do.  There are of course some parents out there who have rowed oceans as well, but I suspect it was having kids that [...]

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Live Games Live – Outside the Cloud

I have written previously about how live games are becoming more and more popular as people try and escape the screen and venture into the real world. Over the last 2 months a group of people have been tasked with protecting Melbourne from the uprising of Unity. This is not a secret police force or [...]

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