Chapter 2 - The Medieval Quest - An Escape Room built by Merlin himself!
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Merlin - The Medieval Quest



The kingdom of Camelot was once a prosperous and magical place, ruled by the legendary King Arthur – home to the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin the wizard and the secret to Camelot’s strength – the sword of Excalibur.

In a treacherous turn of events, Arthur was mortally wounded by his evil son Mordred, forcing Merlin to spirit away the enchanted blade and protect it deep within the ruins of Camelot’s walls.

You must prepare for a noble quest back to Medieval England to unlock your way through Merlin’s magic and retrieve the symbol of Strength.

Our informer suggests the castle is now deserted …. But is it?


As Melbourne’s biggest escape room, this is a great room for birthday parties, larger groups and for new or experienced players! No physical demands but beware if you have a fear of knights, dragons or round tables.

Any concerns, give us a call before booking and we’ll be happy to chat.

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4-8 players


$37.50 / player

(U14 free with family)


60 minutes


Merlin Escape Room difficulty


Families, friends, birthday parties

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(*U14 play free only with family and providing there are still 4 paying adults/14+)

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