10 Things We Know To Be True About Escape Games!

To help steer the ethos of our escape games, we decided to publish the 10 things we know to be true about mystery, puzzle or escape games.

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1) It’s Easier To Scare People Than It Is To Entertain.

Although not designed JUST for families, we are strict about it being a family-friendly environment. We DO NOT revert to horror in any of our spaces. We make creative and comfortable escape games that cater even to individuals with a reserved approach to live entertainment.

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2) It Should Be A 60 Minute Team Experience

This doesn’t simply mean you have 60 minutes as a time limit. This means that there is a full 60 minutes value with every team booking. Whether you are newbies, or SWAT puzzle teams, you will be busy.

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3) Melbourne Folk Prefer Magic To Maths!

To us, an escape game is not a maths classroom. We have all had enough experience trying to escape from those in our lives. We vow never to make a puzzle that requires more than the most basic of adding and subtracting – if at all. Our puzzles are interactive, multi-sensory, fun and immersive.

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4) You Must Be Great To Complete An Great Escape Game, But You Must Be Even Greater To Complete A Bad One!

There is nothing more frustrating than an obtuse puzzle. We care so such about the experience of our teams that we built a bar with free drinks to discuss EVERY single experience in person. There is no single puzzle to please all players, but we have confidence that we are providing realistic and fun challenges for our customers.

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5) We Guide, We Don’t Provide!

Everyone likes the feeling of discovering a solution. In adventures as big as ours, it’s encouraged to engage with your games-master in the way described in your briefing. There are no penalties for asking for guidance, posing a question or problem, or requesting a simple push in the right direction. We don’t provide answers; we simply assist you to find the correct path whenever required.

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6) Two’s Company – But It’s Not Enough!

We build escape room experiences for slightly larger groups than your typical rooms. We take bookings for 4-8 players with 6 players proving to be the happiest and most successful teams.

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7) Alcohol Does Not Make You Smarter!

We are a family friendly venue and have a strict alcohol policy on site. If you are over the limit to drive a vehicle, you are over the limit to play an escape game. Nobody enjoys that experience – it’s best for everyone that you stay in the pub.

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8) We Have No Competition – Only Family!

Not only do we recommend other escape games to our customers, we often advise potential ones to play other games first if they get the chance. It takes a long time to build a great escape game and we have no plans to provide an ever rotating supply. We want to do our bit in a fun and growing industry and to inspire the young and old of Melbourne to think a little differently. Feedback shows that our customers love our venue; the statistics show that now more players have played 2 or more rooms than just 1. That makes us happy, it makes the industry happy.

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9) Your Experience Should Be Unique!

We truly love hosting every group that visit The Mystery Rooms.  Our adventures are just the stars in the sky; it is our teams that steer the ship. We genuinely love interacting with you to find out more about your journey to us – and how your adventure will unfold.

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10) Escape Games Are NOT For Everyone!

We take pride in providing an ‘off-centre’ experience to customers with a curious nature and spirit of adventure. We are not making average experiences for average people. If you are reading this right now, you already have that inquisitive nature, you already have what it takes to dive in and enjoy our experiences.

Gather Your Team And Begin Your Adventure!

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